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Digital Blue Engineering - Course in English at TU Berlin - Starts 28 SEP 14.00

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Interactive university teaching, which gives students the change to deal with their social and ecological responsibility, is possible and can easily be implemented at universities - also digitally and also in English.

In interdisciplinary discussions and by using diverse methods, technology is reflected, analyzed and questioned in the context of our society and environment. Students are encouraged to think and learn independently and creatively. Teacher-centered instruction does not occur in our course. By developing and carrying out their own teaching units, students are actively involved in the teaching process and thus co-create the course.

Through digital teaching, we are no longer bound to university or geographical boundaries. In the coming semester, we want to make the most of this opportunity. In addition to the already well-established German seminar, we will launch an international English Blue Engineering course.

The seminar calls for future engineers as well as students of other backgrounds generally interested in technology. The course takes place Mondays from 14.00 to 16.00. The course starts on 28th of September and ends on 21st of December 2020. English-speaking students from Germany and abroad are warmly welcome to join us in becoming aware of our social and ecological responsibility and acting upon it.

You can register by e-mail to Seminar@blue-engineering.org.

Further information on the English course website.