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First Blue Engineering Course at TU Delft - Starting in September 2021

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The Blue Engineering course at TU Delft is proud to be the first to be hosted at a university beyond Germany. Introduced as a pilot project in September 2021, the seminar draws from the english online version at TU Berlin. This winter semester we welcome 42 students to a hybrid in-person-online Master course within the Environmental Engineering program, with hopes to expand further in coming years. The course, within the context of the program, encourages students to see nature and society within their discipline as engineers, to develop a critical perspective and build their understanding of responsibility. Within a structured curriculum, the seminar also provides a venue for students to pursue their interests freely.

The introduction of Blue Engineering at TU Delft was student-led from the beginning. Environmental Engineering Master students Emma and Vanessa drove the movement forward. Initiated in their roles as members of the GreenTeam CEG, they strengthened the network of those passionate about sustainability in engineering education, joined the seminar at TU Berlin and delivered the inaugural TU Delft seminar themselves. This would not have been possible without the commitment and trust of Dr. Martine Rutten, who is hosting the pilot seminar in her lecture, and assisting its implementation. The initiation of the pilot was also supported by members from the GreenTU Board of 2020-2021 Dr. Irene Fernandez Villegas. For more information contact blue-engineering@tudelft.nl