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100 Points – Demands on Technology Design - Digital


The design of technology and the resulting technological development often just seems to happen. We sometimes forget that technology design is determined by individuals making certain decisions on a basis of well-defined criteria. This building block invites participants to reflect upon criteria they find important when designing technology. They compare their demands and the currently most dominant criteria for technology design. This leads to the following question: Who can actually participate in the design process and how can we find compromises when demands conflict?

There are numerous and frequently conflicting demands on technology which are rarely pointed out clearly. As they are determined by habit, tradition and cultural customs the design process of technology is confusing and hard to understand. Often it is not even possible to tell who is promoting which demands for technological devices, processes and systems.

Participants come up with a set of values for technology design. Then they weigh them by distributing 100 points among their values. In this way, implicit demands are revealed. The participants become aware of their personal prioritisation regarding criteria for technology design and the conflicts that may arise between their personal demands and those of others.

100 Points – Demands on Technology Design - Digital
Identifying, reflecting and evaluating implicit and explicit demands on the design of technology
Technology assessment, technology design, demands on technology, values for technology design, conflict of interests
Perspective-Taking, Cooperation, Coping with Dilemmas of Decision-Making, Reflecting Principles, Acting Morally
Forms of Learning
creative, system-oriented
Personal reflection, group reflection
Group Size
30 minutes
Material and Space
very good - basic building block in Berlin
Winter Semester 2020/21