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Gender within Motorsports - Digital


Within Motorsports with a focus on Formula 1, women have not played as much of an active role. The sport has been around for 70 years. Yet very few female drivers have competed and the number of female engineers is equally low. In 2019, the W-Series was implemented for women to compete and also to serve as a starting point to eventually reach the Formula 1 level. The lack of diversity, within motorsports and even in sports is caused by several factors. The two main factors that this building block will aim at is media and role models. The portrayal of women in motorsports and sports by the media is often focused on their appearance or family life instead on their competence. As such, women are not often portrayed in a position of power compared to their male counterparts which hinders the opportunity for these women to act as role models for the future generations. The aim of this building block is to shed light on why this lack of diversity exists within motorsports as well as understand how the media portrays gender. The goal is also to learn about what is currently being done to improve diversity in motorsports. The participants will be divided into small groups where they will discuss their opinions about gender within motorsports by interviewing each other about the quotes they chose and why they chose them from the articles made available in the preparation that pertain to the tool ‘Scissors of inequality’. The topic will be further explored through a second round of discussion with questions pertaining to the role of media.

Gender within Motorsports - Digital
The diversity issues within motorsports and the role of media when it comes to gender portrayals.
gender, diversity, media, motorsports, equality, justice, minorities
Perspective-Taking, Anticipation, Gaining Interdisciplinary Knowledge, Cooperation, Participation, Motivation, Reflecting Principles, Acting Morally, Supporting Others
Forms of Learning
creative and cooperative
Group interviews, small group discussion, reading material
Group Size
30 minutes
Material and Space
The facilitators provide the participants with articles, extracts and pictures in the preparation and follow up. The tool used in the building block is provided by the module through the toolbox found in the forum.
very good - building block developed by participants in Berlin
Winter Semester 2020/21