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Version vom 26. Januar 2021, 18:39 Uhr von Andre.baier (Diskussion | Beiträge) (Einstiegssitzung des Blue Engineering Seminars - digital)

Einstiegssitzung des Blue Engineering Seminars - digital


This first building block serves as an introduction to Blue Engineering. The students are familiarized with both the content and concept of the seminar. They also get to know each other. The practical aspects of the seminar, as well as its origin, structure and ideas are presented by the facilitators. By elaborating on the idea of "social and ecological responsibility" the participants approach the subtitle of Blue Engineering.

After the introduction the participants individually create a mindmap on the topic of responsibility. This is then discussed in small groups. During additional interactive work phases in rotating groups, all students are requested to engage and get to know each other. In the follow-up participants contribute their own ideas to the seminar even further. This is done by photographing and introducing themselves with a personal topic.

At TU Berlin the introductory session is a 90-minute unit. It is combined with the following building block: "100 Points – Demands on Technology Design". More detailed information can be found in the notes.

Einstiegssitzung des Blue Engineering Seminars - digital
The introductory session provides key information on the seminar.
Introduction, getting to know each other, responsibility of engineers
Changing perspectives, Gaining interdisciplinary knowledge, Handling incomplete and overly complex information, cooperation, participation
Forms of Learning
creative, cooperative
lecture, group work
Group Size
60 minutes, in combination with “100-Points“ 90-minute building block
Material and Space
very good - basic building block in Berlin
Winter Semester 2020/21