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Digital Starer-Kit in English - Release


Interactive university teaching that gives students the chance to engage with their social and ecological responsibilities is possible and can easily be implemented at universities - even digitally. Blue Engineering's modular seminar concept is already being used in analog and digital teaching at nine universities in Germany. Now, thanks to Corona, we have transferred our concept into English and offered it as a course open to everyone.

Blue Engineering already has a firm foundation in analog and digital teaching/learning units that cover many relevant content and methodological aspects. Building on this, the English teaching/learning units were elaborated and adapted to an international and digital video conferencing environment.

The digital seminar concept has a modular structure so that it can be easily adapted to the various circumstances at universities. Those responsible for the existing seminars are already cooperating intensively with each other. If you would like to start your own Blue Engineering seminar, you will receive intensive support - if desired - so that you can benefit from the experience we have gained over the past years.

All Blue Engineering materials are available free of charge - Digital Starter-Kit in English