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Blue Engineering at Delft University of Technology successfully launched as an in-person seminar in English for an international group of Master students

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On August 31 we held the first session of our Blue Engineering seminar at TU Delft with 44 participants from a range of different backgrounds. Everyone was happy to be back in a real-life classroom and talk to the people next to them. As tutors we were surprised to see how well the participants took the first session and how easy it was to initiate a lively discussion among them. While some were (and still are) quite shy sharing their ideas in the plenum, everyone participates eagerly in smaller group discussions and actively engages with the course material. Looking at the first learning journal entries most of them found the setting quite refreshing and enjoyed having the opportunity to critically discuss important topics around sustainability. Some others had some question marks popping up and still need to get used to this unconventional form of learning that requires them to develop their own perspectives. But we would say that is exactly what Blue Engineering is all about.

In any case, we really loved our first tutoring experience and are looking forward to whatever our next sessions will bring!

Tot later, Vanessa and Emma